We offer a large range of equipment rental to help you get the job done. We provide on-site equipment delivery and training for all our rental equipments. We service the lower mainland of Fraser Valley. Rentals are available daily, weekly and weekends.

List of Rental Equipment:

- Propane Buffer
- Electric Buffer/Polisher
- Electric Scrubber
- Auto Scrubber
Ozonator - Pressure Washer
- Carpet Machine (Small - 3 gallon, Commercial - 13 gallon)
- Carpet Blower
- Wet & Dry Vacuum
- Backpack Vacuum
- Upholstery Tool
- Commercial Sprayer
- Brush for Electric Scrubber
- Extension Pole
- Bucket & Wringer

View Rental Price Here

Benefits of Renting

- Stop paying for your equipment
- Get up to date technology
- Avoid maintenance cost
- Stop storage costs
- Truncate transport costs
- Pursue new opportunities
- Cut opportunity costs
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