Balance Plus Disinfectant Cleaner Degreaser 4L
BALANCE PLUS Cleaner Disinfectant is a phosphate free concentrated cleaner disinfectant which provides effective cleaning, deodorizing, disinfection and sanitization for use in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, food processing plants and other institutions. When used as directed, BALANCE PLUS is an...
from $32.55
EP50 Cleaner Disinfectant 4L
EP50 CLEANER DISINFECTANT is an all in one hydrogen peroxide based product: disinfectant, heavy duty cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, carpet cleaner and carpet stain remover. When used as directed as a disinfectant, it kills 99.99% of the...
from $45.82
EP66 Disinfectant 4L
from $37.13
EP66 Disinfectant 4L
• Excellent for industrial, institutional, hospital and food establishment• Disinfectant• No rinse sanitizer• Mildewstat• Will not harm hard non-porous surfaces, including metal and stainless steel• Will not dull floor finish• Deodorizes surfaces which are prone to odours caused by micro-organismConsult...
from $37.13
Germalin Disinfectant, Cleaner Degreaser
GERMALIN CLEANER DEGREASER DISINFECTANT is a heavy duty cleaner disinfectant and sanitizer designed for general use in schools, hotels, offices, kitchens, food processing plants, industrial establishments and hospitals. For light duty cleaning dilute 1:60 and for heavy duty cleaning dilute...
from $33.33
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