The Janitor Room Supply House Ltd. is a dynamic leader in the janitorial supply business. For 25 years our aim has been to set standards of excellence and service while contributing greatly in keeping our communities clean. We ensure to present our customers with incredible service while providing the highest quality of products at reasonable prices. With over 25 years of expert knowledge in the worlds of cleaning and janitorial supplies, you can expect honest advice for any questions or concerns pertaining to your cleaning needs. Our success is measured by customer satisfaction, team member excellence and our growing role in the community.

Our community and customers are the heart of our business and we genuinely hope to continue providing the best service and products for years to come.


                    MACHINE RENTALS

Propane Buffer, Electric Buffer, Electric Scrubber, Ozonator, Auto Scrubber, Pressure Washer, Carpet Machine (Small), Carpet Machine (Commercial), Wet & Dry Vacuum, Back Pack Vacuum, Upholstery Tool, Bucket & Wringer, Extension Pole, Commercial Sprayer, Brush rental for electric scrubber

Available : Per day or weekend (special rates on long weekends)

Note : Pre-booking will save time and money


Warranty Centre for Dirt Devil
Hoover, dirt devil, Royal, Sanitaire, Proteam and more

Full Service Department for Repairs on
Electric buffer and scrubbers, Propane Burnishers, Autoscrubbers Vacuums Carpet Machines, Carpet Blowers, Wands, Upholstery tools, Wide are vacuums, Backpack vacuums and Chargers Pressure washers, Commercial Steamers, Tucker poles



Free shipping on all orders above $100.00.

All items dispatched from Surrey BC.